About Me

Rico Fritzsche

Hi, I'm Rico Fritzsche. I'm a software developer, architect, consultant, writer, entrepreneur, and speaker. I've worked with large enterprises, the public sector, startups, and consulting firms.

I started my journey in the software industry in 1994, initially building business applications with Delphi and Visual Basic, before transitioning to web application development with C# .NET in the 2000s, and later adopting .NET Core, NodeJS, TypeScript, and NextJs. During this time, I have developed systems for almost every industry.

Throughout my career, my goal has been to improve the way my teams and I deliver value to our customers, clients, and end users. This pursuit has led me to study Agile principles, Event Storming, Domain-Driven Design, REST, distributed systems, messaging, cloud technologies, and any other techniques I believe can make a difference.

These days, I'm an independent writer, consultant, and visionary on building smart API services, with a focus on building and modernizing systems.